"The most valuable function of both verbal and nonverbal communication is to establish and maintain trust."

About Richard Callahan

Richard Callahan holds a Master's Degree in Speech from Columbia University. He has lectured at Boston University, Seton Hall University, Clark University and Barry University.

His career as a communication educator and consultant began when the federal government asked him to create and teach an Experimental Dramatics Workshop for a violence-plagued junior high school in the South Bronx. The project was a success, and soon thereafter Richard was recruited by a rural Massaschusetts school district to design their first speech/language program. Within a year, he was appointed a professor of speech at Worcester State College in Worcester, Massachusetts.

After four years teaching at the college, Richard and his family moved to the Florida Keys, where he owned and/or managed five small businesses before returning to teaching communication in schools and colleges, including 20 years at Florida Keys College and 13 years at Worcester State College.

Richard then began presenting communication-improvement workshops to businesses and schools; since 2001, he has presented thousands of hours of workshops and seminars to the electric utility industry, food service industry, health care organizations, banks, school systems, real estate companies, retail businesses and civic organizations.

Richard has also provided individual coaching in public speaking for business leaders and celebrities. Having evaluated more than 3,000 speeches in his career, he has used that experience to develop his EVOKERS™ Program for Public Speakers, which he teaches to both groups and individuals.

Additionally, Richard is a certified speech/language/voice pathologist. He has helped many of his clients improve their voice quality and articulation, as well as helping others to reduce communication interference that can result from foreign accents.

Richard's other work experiences enable him to bring a unique depth and diversity to his communication training and coaching sessions. For example, his use of popular music in many workshops and seminars stems from his experiences as a rock drummer, music collector, and recognized authority on rock and blues history.

His experiences as an apartment house manager, marina manager, gallery owner and clinic director have given him business and managerial knowledge and insights that he draws upon during his presentations.

Richard's training in acting and his years of college teaching have given him a relaxed, confident, professional presence in front of an audience.

The college courses that Richard has taught – Public Speaking, Nonverbal Communication, Speech Disorders, Acting, Theater, Logic, English Composition, Creative Writing, Humanities, Journalism and History of Rock & Roll –are now incorporated into his workshops and seminars, giving them a unique, varied flavor.

His curriculum vitae is available, detailing all of his education and experience from his teaching and managing to his workshops and seminars.

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About Richard Callahan
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