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Studies have shown that most Americans are less afraid of dying than they are of public speaking.

Is that you and your co-workers? It doesn't have to be.

Business professionals trained in public speaking are more poised and effective professionals. A Richard Callahan Public Speaking Workshop, Seminar or Course may be exactly what you need to give your company the competitive edge.

Richard Callahan has taught public speaking to more than 1,000 satisfied public speakers, including corporate executives, business staff members and college students.

He developed The EVOKERS™ System, which emphasizes
Eye contact
Volume, voice and variety
Speech sound production
as the core of effective and successful public speaking.

To listen to an audio interview of Richard explaining this system, click here to begin listening now or visit the Free Information page for more information.

Using this system has allowed Richard's clients and students to disprove Howard Goshorn's statement, "The human brain is a wonderful thing. It operates from the moment you're born until the first time you get up to make a speech."

Richard Callahan has taught people at the following businesses and colleges how to be effective, relaxed speakers:

Satisified Public Speakers

"I learned more in Richard Callahan's ten-week public speaking workshop than I did as a student and a graduate assistant for three, 14-week Dale Carnegie courses. The speech structure Richard teaches simplifies public speaking and helps overcome stage fright, because you feel comfortable knowing how to present your material. I would recommend anyone with a need for public speaking to take a course with Richard."

–Brett Newman, Coldwell Banker

"I was grateful for the opportunity [to take Richard Callahan's public speaking course] because I'm new in my position, and will be called upon to speak publicly more often. Mr. Callahan is an enthusiastic instructor and his lessons were clear and concise. He actually made public speaking seem fun."

–Karen Tiedemann, President, Key Largo Chamber of Commerce

"Richard has much more to offer than public speaking – business etiquette, business communications, body language – all that good stuff. And can we talk about sense of humor? He's so professional, but can be very funny as well. He's talented, flexible and a lot of fun to work with. I'd recommend him to anybody."

–Bette Brown, Executive Vice President, First State Bank


"Public speaking training improves people's confidence, organizational skills, persuasiveness and ability to 'think on their feet.'."

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