Workshop & Seminar Topics


Below is a partial list of topics that Richard Callahan has developed for his clients.

Improving Customer Service with Your External and Internal Customers

Dealing With Difficult Customers

Creating and Managing Your Image Nonverbally

Improving Your Voice and Speech

Understanding the Barriers to Communication and How to Overcome Them

Improving Your Leadership Skills

Managing Workplace Conflicts

Using Team Communication Skills

Improving Sales by Improving Your Nonverbal Skills

Using Small Employee Groups to Solve Large Company Problems

Understanding Organizational Communication

Giving and Taking Criticism

Becoming a Group Leader

Understanding Group Communication

Improving Management-Employee Communication

Using Better Listening Skills

Understanding Management Styles

Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

Understanding How Differences in Perception Distort Communication

Using the Brainstorming Technique to Generate New Ideas

Using Fair Fighting to Resolve Differences

Improving the Quality of Performance Evaluations

Using Power in Communication

Improving Job Interview Skills for Interviewers and Interviewees

Understanding and Improving Gender Communication

Improving Telephone Etiquette

Preparing Your Résumé

Delivering Bad News Messages

Writing Skills for Those Who Don't Like to Write (Or Can't Write Well)

Improving Your Negotation Skills

Understanding the Importance of Supervisor-Subordinate Nonverbal Relationships

Improving Conversational Skills On and Off the Job

"Successful customer service entirely depends on successful interpersonal communication."

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