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"Samson of biblical fame killed 10,000 Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. Similar destruction occurs on a daily basis with the same weapon."

–Diane Boother

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"'Small Town' – Is It Where You Live or the Way You Sound?"
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"The Best Communicators"
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"Improve the Sound of Your Voice"
In this free downloadable article (Adobe PDF document), Richard provides a free overview of the two most common voice problems.


Richard Callahan was a featured guest on the Joseph F. Price "Reaching Peak Show" to help business professionals improve their public speaking and communication skills. Links to both free Audio Interviews are included below. To listen to the mp3 files now, click the appropriate link. You may pause the recording at any time.

"Reaching Peak" Interview #1
Richard on Communication
In this interview, Richard provides a "Communication 101" overview of the basics of good communication.
45 min. 18 sec.

"Reaching Peak" Interview #2
Richard on EVOKERS™ Public Speaking System
In this interview, Richard provides a free introduction to The EVOKERS™ System he developed as the core of effective and successful public speaking.
43 min. 2 sec.




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