"The most frequently cited source of interpersonal conflict in an organization is poor communication."

–L. Arredondo

Client Testimonials


Quickly Received a Return on My Investment

"If you need to improve your voice quality or pronunciation, or if you need help with creating presentations, Richard is the person I recommend every time! He provides a wonderful blend of structure, practice and feedback. Richard's coaching style is laid back. His sense of humor makes every session enjoyable and energizing.

"Richard is not only a speech/language pathologist; he brings a wealth of managerial experience and business knowledge to his coaching, speech writing and consulting. He implicitly understands business and human resource needs and provides thoughtful solutions. I quickly received a return on my investment and I attribute much of my presentation success to his positive influence."

– Mary McDermott, Owner
HR Consulting Partners LLC

Clearly Seeing Positive Results

"When training is needed, I believe that our employees deserve no less than the best.

"The best is what we have found in Richard Callahan.

"Mr. Callahan is an expert communicator. His communication courses are extremely well structured, his presentation style is relaxed and entertaining, and our employees enjoy learning from him. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the information presented, and I am clearly seeing positive results from the communications training he has provided."

–Timothy E. Planer, Former CEO & General Manager
Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Association, Inc.

Flexibility with Each Specific Employee Group

"Simply dynamite! Thank you so much for your involvement with our staff. The style of presentation, appropriateness of concepts shared, and timing for maximum results were outstanding. Of special interest to me as an administrator was your flexibility with each specific employee group. Without exception, every group expressed tremendous appreciation for your ability to speak to and communicate with 'us.'

"Words fail to adequately express my personal and professional appreciation for your motivational, non-threatening, enthusiastic and professional approach. Collectively, we all look forward to further workshops under your direction."

–Robert L. Connor, Principal, Memorial Elementary School

Substantial Increases in Positive Feelings

"My staff was not being as effective as it could be. Richard came in for two training sessions and a follow-up session a few months later.

"The impact on the staff was incredible. The skills he was able to impart improved staff communication to such a degree that informal climate surveys among the staff and clients showed substantial increases in positive feelings toward and between staff members at all levels. The workplace became a warmer place to be."

–Dale Wolgast, Former Executive Director
Florida Keys Children’s Shelter

Immediate Benefits

"Mr. Callahan has brought excellent communication training workshops to The Palace system of long-term health care facilities.

"His six-session classes for our 80 plus managers, including General Managers and Management Company members, have shown immediate benefits as we practice the skills he has taught us. We continue to remind ourselves, and to gently remind each other, of the importance of effective communication.

"Mr. Callahan brought a wonderful sense of humor and energy to his presentations. It is obvious, as indicated by the feedback given us, that our managers found his style, teaching abilities, and the information presented, enjoyable and interesting.

"When we asked Mr. Callahan to 'Create the Climate' for our 650 hourly employees to help them understand how to assess their managers and the importance of honesty, we didn't know exactly what the outcome would be. But, during the classes he held with them, and from their positive comments afterwards, we became sure of his effectiveness in assisting our employees in understanding the process of upward communication."

–Juanita Baiamonte, Corporate Director of
Training and Education, The Palace

Cost Effective Way to Improve Customer Service

"Our Hospice organization was fortunate to have recently benefited from a training conducted by Mr. Callahan. I am confident in saying that his engaging presentation style and the useful content were extremely beneficial. Unlike other staff development programs we have provided, all of our group expressed regret when this training ended and they look forward to further presentations.

"I would recommend Richard Callahan Communication Services when considering a cost effective way to improve any company’s customer service skills."

–John D. Robitaille, Market Development Manager
Hospice Care of Southeast Florida, Inc.

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